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Are processing and shipping being affected by the COVID-19 outbreak?Updated 2 years ago

Unfortunately, the short answer is yes. As the pandemic progresses, all logistics companies, including the ones we partner with (DHL and USPS) are being severely affected.

So, how are shipments being affected? Basically in two ways: Big tracking update delays and longer transit times.

Before the pandemic, we usually could deliver our US domestic shipments in 7 business days. Now we're experiencing an average delivery time of 15 business days or more within the US. Also, it's very common for tracking codes not to receive updates for a long time, like 10 days or more.

If that happens, in most cases your package is still on its way and will arrive, but it's on hold at the post office because some areas may be more affected than others for the Coronavirus.

The good news is we are still being able to deliver 100% of our shipments, so feel free to place your order, just be advised that it may take a bit for you to receive it, so please be prepared for that.

If several weeks pass and for some reason, you don't receive your order, which is highly unlikely, we compromise ourselves in sending a replacement for you, so don't worry.

We're always looking for better logistics solutions to deliver your orders in a timely fashion, so we hope to have some news regarding that soon.

We hope to count on your understanding while we go through these hard times together.

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