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Built-In Screen Protector Cases x Bumper CasesUpdated 3 years ago

With the experience of thousands of units already sold, we probably have one or two important things to say in order to guide you through selecting the best type of case for your Apple Watch, whether it's a case with a built-in screen protector or a bumper case.

We recommend a bumper case in any of the following situations:


You're a super active person, who enjoys working out frequently.

Then, we would highly suggest you a bumper case, because when using any closed case while doing exercises, sweat and moisture will build inside the case, causing the screen to become less responsive until you remove and clean the case.


You plan on using it while doing any kind of sports that involves water.

For the same reason stated before, we recommend a bumper case for you. In this case, water will also get trapped between the back of the case and the watch, but this will not prevent you from using your device's screen. For optimal results, in this case, you would probably prefer a 100% closed waterproof case, which we currently don't offer (stay tuned for some news in that department soon).


You don't feel like doing any kind of "maintenance" in your case occasionally.

Closed cases are great for protecting your watch completely, however, they do require some occasional maintenance. Nothing too crazy, but you will have to sometimes remove your case and clean it. Of course, the same applies to any bumper case, but the frequency will be considerably lesser.


If you think one or more of the above points apply to you, our Bumper Cases may be the best option for you. Check the Sheltercase Nude or Sheltercase Safeguard Cases.


On the other hand, we recommend a case with a built-in screen protector in these cases:


You work with heavy tools, where your watch's screen is constantly at risk of hitting something.

Then, a case with a built-in screen protector may be a good idea, because your chances of damaging your screen are higher than the average person's chances.


Generally speaking, you feel you are a clumsy type of person (A lot of us are, don't worry).

For obvious reasons, it's clear that you need a higher level of protection to your Apple Watch, especially to one of the most sensitive parts, its screen. Better safe than sorry, right?


Occasional maintenance on your Case is not something that bothers you too much.

As already mentioned, closed cases do require some level of maintenance. It's simple and easy to do, but some people don't like it. We have a guide here.


If you identify yourself with any of the above statements, then our 360 Case is your best bet.


In the end, it's just a matter of choosing what makes more sense to you and your lifestyle.
Like everything else in life, both types of cases come with their own unique strengths.
For any decision you make, we got you covered. Our 360 Case and our Bumper Cases are made for different types of persons, but both will handle the task of taking care of your Apple Watch!

Check both of them by clicking here.



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