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Where do you ship from?Updated 2 years ago

It depends on your location and also on the specific product you bought.

For domestic shipments, some of our best-selling products will ship from one of our fulfillment centers in the United States, most of the time from San Bernardino CA, Fort Lauderdale FL, or Farmers Branch TX. Delivery for those shipments usually takes 3-5 days (check the product page to see if your product fits this category).

Other items may ship from our Asian Facilities. In that case, delivery can take anywhere between 10-15 business days.

For international shipments, your items can be shipped either from the US or from Asia as well, and delivery usually takes 15-25 business days.

We strive for fast and reliable shipping to all of our customers, for both domestic and international orders, and we ensure the delivery of your package in all situations.

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