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Sheltercase 360 Case for Apple Watch

Find out more about our best-seller case and how it can protect your Apple Watch.

Is it a hard or soft Case?

It's a soft case, made of high-quality TPU material.

Which models are compatible?

The Sheltercase is compatible with Apple Watches from Series 1 to the newest series 7. Just remember to choose the correct display size for your device (38mm, 40mm, 41mm, 42mm, 44mm, or 45mm).

Does it protect the screen or will I need a glass screen protector as well?

Our product has a built-in soft cover for the screen, therefore your screen is protected as well and you don't need a glass screen protector while using our Case.

Is there some impact on the sensibility of my touch screen?

Our product is built to not affect the sensibility of the device's touch screen, and most of our customers agree with us about that, however, a few people can feel a minimum impact to screen sensitivity. If you experience such problems yourself, we r

How can I install my Sheltercase 360?

Installing your brand new Sheltercase is super easy. Just follow these simple steps:. 1 - First make sure to remove the band from your Apple Watch. 2 - Check if each hole is on the correct side of the Case. 3 - Put the rotating button into the circle

How can I clean my Sheltercase 360?

Cleaning your Sheltercase is really fast and easy and will keep it in the best use conditions. These are the basic steps on how we recommend the cleaning process:. 1 - Take off the Case. 2 - Use a wet cloth to gently clean the Case*. 3 - Use a dry cl

Will it become yellowish over time?

Because our case is made of the same soft silicone material used in most smartphone clear cases, the short answer is yes, it can become yellowish after a long time, depending on how and how frequently you use it. Some of our customers had reported cl

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